About Joint Conference EPIC – Astechnova 2021

In this year, the 3rd Engineering Physics International Conference (EPIC) 2021 will be held together with the 6th Astechnova International Energy Conference as a Joint International Conference in which the two conferences will share the same venue and schedule. The Astechnova Conference promotes the theme “Energy Innovations and Sustainable Environment” and covers a broad range of topics on engineering physics. The program of these conferences is combined which includes keynote and plenary lectures, parallel presentation, workshop, forum meetings, industry exhibition, as well as best-paper and best-presenter awards. Therefore, the attendees of the EPIC 2021 will take the benefits of the opportunity to join the lectures, workshops, and exhibitions available on Astechnova 2021.

More information about Astechnova 2021 can be found on their website: http://astechnova.ugm.ac.id/

The 3rd International Conference on Engineering Physics

The Role of Engineering Physics for Sustainable Development Goals